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Softkings IT Group committed to corporate social responsibility; continually looking for new ways to increase our impact and reach in South Africa's disadvantaged communities.
We work to improve the delivery of relevant and sustainable solutions to all our beneficiaries. Softkings plays an important role in the socio-economic development of South Africa, having established a long-standing Corporate Social Investment Programme thats aligned with our country's priorities and the Millennium Development Goals.


Rena Le Lona, “We are with you”, is an emotional healing centre for orphans and vulnerable children. Through releasing their grief and accessing their potential each child has a chance to lead a meaningful and fulfilled life. The medium of emotional healing is through all forms of the Arts.

There are 125 children between the age of 6 and 19 currently live with a “Guardian” (foster parent, relative or neighbour), stay with an unemployed single parent or they may head their home. The children are referred to the centre by the schools in the area and have service 18 different schools in and around Soweto.


A Creative Centre offers the children various creative disciplines and art forms. It provides them with the opportunity to explore their artistic side and to delve into activities outside their daily routine and duties. They develop their imagination and a positive outlook through the syllabus which combines creativity with the intellect. Through art, drama, dance, music and poetry children explore both their positive and painful experiences. In the process they learn to integrate their emotions into their lives. When accessing their imagination they generate ideas, work with others and create a future for themselves.

Exposure to a variety of teachers/trainers provides children with the necessary guidance and skills development. The positive relationship they develop with their teachers can have a powerful influence on their attitudes throughout their lives. Currently, due to the lack of funding, our artist/teachers support the children on a voluntary basis.

The administrative team consists of a centre manager, an Arts co-ordinator, an administrator, an Ingelozi supervisor and an auxiliary social worker. We have 20 ‘volunteers’ from Social Development who are trained to visit the families of our children on a daily basis and write reports on each child. The staff consists of 27 people including a cook and cleaners.

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