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We ensure that your CRM system is designed to support fine-tuned, interactive communication with customer and allows to flexibly adjust your customer policy and marketing strategy to the changing customer needs.
Softkings IT Group makes the most valuable CRM feature work for your business We offer custom CRM solution and modules , Microsoft Dynamics CRM full-cycle implementation, SalesForce CRM integration and custom add-ons development.

Decision Making Support

  • Market analysis and trends tracking
  • Task Management tools
  • Tracking Tools
  • Planning and scheduling tools
  • OLAP techniques implementation reporting tools configuration dashboard and scorecards
  • Cost-of-sale and resource allocation management
  • Customer segmentation rules automation
  • Customer profiles: data collection, aggregation, history tracking
Sales and Marketing Automation

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Product Management
  • Campaign Management, Results Acquisition and Assessment
  • Sales Administration
  • Contract And Order Management
  • Sales Cycle and Pipeline Management
  • CRM System remote and mobile access
Sales Cycle Acceleration

While developing a CRM solution Softkings IT Solutions pays special attention to optimization of existing business processes in order to accelerate all sales stages from lead generating to deal-sealing, giving you full control over the sales process
Our CRM implementation approach empowers companies:

Identify gaps and bottlenecks in their sales cycle
Create collaboration areas for sales, marketing and production division
Track sales costs per customer segment and sales channels such as wholesale/retail networks, dealers and resellers

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