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Through self-service portals, customers can now log cases if they are having difficulty with a product and also get updates on their products and services any time of the day. These portals can be customized to cater to your business needs. Also, self-service portals allows user to post their opinions about products and services and also comment on other people's idea

Through this customer are able to come with solutions to their own problems and business owners can easily get their insights. These portals also enables companies to provide information laden presentations on their website to answer customer inquiries. Self-Service portal back by cloud computing services provides better customer experience and also makes the service team's life easier. Through Softkings IT Solutions cloud service for self service portals helps businesses to easily update service instead of having to provide numerous spreadsheets and such, which takes a lot of time, you can use tools provided to enable an ease of access Sofkings customer data connect information from a single database. With information and customer data available, it can be easy to respond faster and provide better solution, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Types of Portals

We leverage Our extensive portal development expertise coupled with deep domain and technology skills to deliver the most open portal architecture to enable easy integration of various solutions and tools. We build feature-rich, robust, yet easily configurable and dynamic corporate portals that serve various business needs

1. Collaboration Portal
Connect your Employees, Customers and Partners
Softkings IT Solutions creates information environments that improve cooperation between teams, department and divisions, customers, partners and vendors, by making content available for us at any business process stage

2. BI Portal
Single Data Access Point - Data Visualization - Decision Making
Softkings IT Solutions approach to portal development implies organization of a single access point to all enterprise system. We ensure that your portal:

  • Provides a unified access point
  • BI data sources
  • Provides data visualization:
  • Dashboards, KPIs, Reports, Diagrams etc
  • Provides Smart meta data

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