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How Enterprise Transformation Starts With You

Complacency is a very real threat to enterprise competitiveness. In an executive survey by Insigniam, 42% of executives reported that complacent employees thwart success. Consider how complacency impacts competitiveness. Today more than ever, CEOs, C-level executives, general managers, and business unit heads must substantially alter the very fabric of their enterprise. Sometimes a new merger, a significant acquisition, or an upheaval in the competitive or market landscape might predicate this need. The introduction of disruptive innovation to your industry may threaten the viability of your familiar way of doing business and running your enterprise. There may be an external demand for significantly elevated management results, a major regulatory change, or perhaps the inevitable march toward globalization. When faced with this call for a new era in the dynamics and management results of an enterprise, complacency and a reliance on business as usual are inappropriate responses and may even be a harbinger of a pending crisis. If you are not inventing the rules of the game, someone else is.

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