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With Softkings Information Management Services, organizations can build a foundation for business intelligence and a cohesive, concrete approach to advanced analytics. We offer a full range of services to manage structured and unstructured data across the enterprise, and turn data into actionable insights. We work with clients to develop a strategy and manage all of the information assets required to manage and run a high-performance organization. We offer:

  • Information Integration
  • to help support business goals and leverage analytics and mobility technologies by describing, organizing, integrating, and sharing the organization’s information assets.

  • Data and Content Management
  • to address and manage the explosive volume, variety and velocity of content and data convergence. Our strategy is to view master data holistically, and put in place rigorous data governance, addressing all systems, technology and processes.

  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management
  • to improve business performance with appropriate, actionable and timely data and information.  

    Softkings Information Management Capabilities:

    • Document Management System
    • Content Management System
    • Library Management System
    • Digital Imaging System
    • Geographical Information System
    • Learning Management System
    • Records Management System

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