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Entrepreneurship is a core value here at Softkings, you can see it on the faces of all our employees, and it is contagious! One of the key drivers of our success is a continues dedication to innovation. A huge part of creation and innovation is through collaborative efforts, so we decided to launch the first ever #SoftkingsDrive!
The goal is to drive new ideas, solve problems and give each employee the opportunity to work on projects that they love --whether it be Mobile Development of Cloud Solution or Even Server Configuration

Healthres EMR

Healthres an Electronic Medical Record System from Softkings is more than a way for your practice to go paperless. This next generation technology is a means to save money, improve efficiency and enhance security. Using industry leading technology, the HealthREs EMR will help your practise achieve your goal of delivering the best patient care possible. Featured Advantages Includes:

  • Improved Work-flow - Unified with the HealthRes Practise Management System, patient flow from check-in to departure is streamlined. workflow from the front desk to physician to billing office staff is seamless. Documentation is faster using templates, drop-down lists, and more
  • Access Clinical Content - All of your practise data is at your fingertip, whether you're in the office, an exam room, or at home. Manage medication ,access labs results, clinical decision support, and patient education material are just some of the crucial types of info available in an instant


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Jobres Africa #1 Jobspot

Jobres® isn't spoken about nearly enough, yet it is a powerful platform for networking with employers who are offering jobs, while you're searching. You can upload your resume, embed your video resume, showcase links to your site, your picture and tag your skills, which is a unique differentiator You can search for open positions and see the person who posted the job. Then you can add them to your network and connect with them to find out more about the position.


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