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Softkings IT Solutions Application Services for Microsoft are focused on helping organizations achieve high performance by delivering business solutions on the Microsoft platform effectively and at scale. Softkings relationship with Microsoft allows Softkings to deliver better overall business value for its clients: more effective and efficient technology that is delivered at a lower cost. Here's how:

Softkings brings deep industry and technical knowledge, strategic insights, business acumen and extensive implementation experience to align your business and information technology strategies and help you achieve high performance.

Microsoft offers market-leading, enterprise-ready technologies, platforms and services, as well as an unmatched knowledge about its products, to help you maximize your technology investments and achieve your full potential.


Softkings provides Microsoft application development services in the following areas:

  • System Programming
  • Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Infragistics
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Visual C#
  • Sharepoint
  • Web Solution

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