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Network Transformation Solution, the modern network has arrived

Network Transformation solution is a consultative practice offering service and programs based on network analytics and transformation planning, delivered through expert execution to help you migrate, consolidate, and build out new networks while maximizing revenue and profitability. Today's macroeconomic climate presents significant business challenges - such as declining customer revenues resulting from service commodization and rising operational costs- that combine environment. Softkings IT Solutions for network transformation engagements are designed to offer a business-led solution focus to effectively meet these challenges

Softkings recognizes the impact of non-optimal network architectures - networks that have been expanded incrementally year over year, or built through acquisition, resulting in multiple vendor's equipment and complex operational procedures and layed architecture.

To ensure you achieve the optimum Return on Investment (RoI) from any deployed hardware and software technology, our team provides a best practise approach borne out of our consultant engineers and business solution specialists. Our team of specialists - -industry subject--matter experts with specialization in key market solutions provides consultative leadership to offer customized strategic technical, operational, and business programs, delivered according to your own business and technical requirements

Network Solutions from Softkings IT Solutions:

  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • Network Planning Solutions
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN)
  • Security
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Cisco Optical Interconnect
  • IP Telephony (IPT)
  • Application Networking Solutions

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