VoIP channel, number porting and VoIP calls charged separately. All FTTH services include a limited amount of trenching and/or fibre access builds, and additional costs may apply once these limits are exceeded; clients can inquire upfront about specific trenching distances and access build costs.
Supplied routers can be collected directly from Softhost or couriered to clients for a delivery fee (area-dependent).Once-off costs include physical installation of the Fibre line by the layer 1 provider and remote router setup; onsite assistance is available as a billable service.Please note that all FTTH pricing includes VAT.

99.9% reliable connection is as good as it sounds.

Fiber optic internet was designed just for delivering internet right to your home. Our internet gives you a strong, steady, 99.9% reliable connection2.

Broadband Fibre

Starting from



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Enterprise Fibre

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Fast in every direction.The Softhost Fiber difference.

Your upload speed is how fast you send information. When you’ve got a lot of upload speed, everything you do goes much faster — from quickly sending large files, to gaming without lag, to experiencing smoother, more reliable video calls.

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