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Develop strategies to unleash business value from new, innovative technologies like mobile, social, cloud and analytics - increasing IT efficiency and effectiveness to drive growth across the organization


Today’s leaders are addressing many challenges and opportunities as they manage an increasingly more complex and volatile technology environment and marketplace:

Driving business growth and Innovation from technology investments, including emerging and foundational technologies, legacy systems and integration Realizing innovative sources of economic value that are released from new technology, including mobile, social cloud and analytics. Improving technology-enabled business processes, technology governance, technology organization and technology foundations Integrating business insight with technological possibilities is essential to innovation and becoming a globally integrated enterprise. As time goes on, more and more organizations amend their view of technology and “IT” and acknowledge the strategic impact that technology has on all areas of the business. But the impact of technological change is expanding at an unprecedented pace. Technology strategy is a primary driver of the physical to digital transformation; the analytics that capture customer insights and drive product and brand extensions; and the envisioning of cloud-enabled business models that open the door to new revenue streams. Softkings IT Group technology strategy consulting services help leading organizations create value and achieve competitive advantage through the optimized alignment of technology and business strategy. Some of our services include:

  • IT performance management: Services that improve IT performance and help organizations get the most value from their IT spending
  • IT strategy and transformation: Approaches that bring together Softkings IT Group's solution frameworks to help articulate future direction, infuse and align your business strategy with technology opportunities, and build a roadmap to innovate your enterprise

  • Why Softkings IT Group

    Softkings IT Group technology consultants provide expertise at the intersection of business and technology, supporting our clients in enhancing competitiveness and creating new sources of economic value. Our consultants work with CIOs and their peers in the boardroom, seeking to close the gap between business and information technology. The Global Business Services® technology strategy practice is a recognized market leader in innovative technologies, service oriented architecture (SOA), cloud computing and IT strategy. With experienced professionals deployed worldwide, the Softkings IT Group business technology strategy practice is part of Softkings IT Group Global Business Services, one of the world’s leading management consulting practices. Working across all major sectors, Softkings IT Group has inherent business expertise across more than a dozen industries. Our consultants have demonstrated experience creating value for clients, and together with our proven assets, methodology, partnerships, and research capabilities, we act as trusted business advisors to our clients worldwide.

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